Magnesium flakes for muscle relaxation and healthy bones!

Magnesium flakes are a highly concentrated form of mineral salt also known as nature’s most potent relaxant. The flakes are excellent to deliver magnesium through the skin with essential minerals the body needs. Magnesium is vital for healthy bones and teeth and the flakes help promote the overall well-being, aid skin health and relaxing muscles. It’s deficiency contributes to insomnia, tiredness, PMS, period pain, depression, sugar cravings, muscle cramps and a lot more.


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Here’s how this precious mineral helped my health better:

1: Relief for aching muscles and joints

The flakes help my muscles and joints relax. I mean who wouldn’t want this. I tell you, this is the best thing that I’ve ever discovered.  But then again anything that comes across my path is a complete bliss! #HappyDays

I use the flakes after a workout or if I’m feeling a bit stiff, achy or if my knees are hurting; and trust me it really helps. When having a bath, I normally mix it with Epsom salt and it works wonders; but if I’m feeling lazy then I just have a foot soak with it. #RIPmusclePain.

You don’t have to mix it with epsom salt though. It’s more potent than epsom salt, so you can just use it on it’s own; but I’m a bit extra. You should know this by now… 😉

2: Bone health

Alright, so the less magnesium we have the weaker our bone density is. It’s not only Calcium that’s needed for bone strength- in fact magnesium helps the body absorb calcium. So, don’t be fooled. You can be drinking gallons of milk or even consuming dairy products but if you don’t have enough magnesium in your system it won’t get absorbed into your body. When I walk, my bones around my ankle area used to make a clicking sound. I knowww! Embarrassing right? but my magnesium intake really helped and it’s not as bad as it was before. #victory

3: Sleeping better

Well, you won’t believe this but magnesium can also help you relax and sleep better, too. Lately, I haven’t been sleeping well, too much on the mind, like everybody else I guess. But, every time I feel a bit restless, I use this magnificent salt and guess what? I sleep like an angel. I would say baby, but babies don’t sleep. I don’t even know why this expression is used. No turning or tossing!!! #noMoreSleeplessNights


Different ways of using the flakes 

1: You can have a bath with it

Dissolve 1/4 cup of Miracle Bath Flakes in warm bath water, keeping the temperature just above our body temperature. Soak for 20 – 40 minutes. Make sure the water is not too hot as you won’t get the benefit. You can do this twice a week or more if you have time.

P.S. Drink plenty of pure water when taking magnesium baths. You need to keep your body hydrated.

2: You can soak your feet in it

I sometimes prefer to take a foot-bath instead of having a bath. I just think it’s easier, especially if I’m in the mood to paint my nails, drink green tea, read or even watch my favourite TV show which is anything funny, educational or inspirational #Tedtalks

3: Of course, you can make Magnesium oil out of it

You didn’t know there was such a thing did ya? well, now you do! this is basically the laziest and the most convenient way of taking magnesium and this is how I make it:

  • Take how ever much you think you need, 1-2 teaspoons is enough if you’ve never done this before; and you can increase the amount gradually.



  • Then add 1 teaspoon of warm water to it. It will dissolve it quick enough for you to apply it to the problem areas.  I usually apply it on my joints; my knees, ankles, wrists…etc and massage it well.  It will feel and look glossy but it’s not oily at all so you can leave it on and you are free to go about your business. I usually apply it before bed as it helps me relax and sleep better.  If you’re lazy and not bothered about saving  your hard earned money, you can buy a magnesium oil but I just think it’s pricey.



Once it’s dissolved!



Where to get it:

You can get it from any health stores or even on line. It’s better to get it in bulk as it’s expensive. I get mine from Amazon or any other online health stores- which ever is cheaper really.


You need to store it in a dry place and make sue it’s not exposed to heat. The longer you leave it open and exposed to heat it will melt. So protect it well. After all it is your investment.


If it’s your first time using the magnesium oil, you might feel a little bit itchy after application which is why you need to start in small quantity. But it disappears soon so nothing to worry about here.

Today’s quote:

Keep Calm! Magnesium got your bones and muscles! 


Always with love- Bersi 🙂

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