My journey started few years back when I didn’t have a job and couldn’t even afford a bus fare and could not do a lot of things my friends were able to do. I knew what I wanted and I didn’t want to settle for any job. But a girl had to look after herself too, but with what money though? I did everything I could myself at home, had to be creative and work with what I had.

Instead of spending money on facials that I could not afford, I started making face masks at home with what I already had in my kitchen. I started experimenting with a lot of things and it worked for me. People were asking what I was doing to my skin, my teeth…etc. and I kept getting showered with compliments.  The bonus of this is that it did not hurt me financially and my bank account was thankful. Then I started looking at it from a different angle. I’m using Chemical free products!! which motivated me to keep going. The compliments kept giving and people kept asking, so I decided to have a space to share what I do to benefit people.

I figured if I can do this, anyone can! especially those who don’t have enough money and struggling and those staying away from chemicals but still want to look fabulous.

If you really pay attention, you have what you need. It’s not about the big labels. It’s about putting things together and working with what you have.

But looking after myself externally was not good enough for me, so I also had to look after myself mentally and grow spiritually.

I hope I inspire people as much as I have been inspired and more 🙂

Always with love- Bee



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