oil pulling- teeth whitening at home!

  How to whiten your teeth at home- oil pulling

When a very good friend of mine, Miru told me about oil pulling, at first I was a bit sceptical but then when she mentioned it again, I thought maybe this’s meant to be. She’s about to be a qualified dentist (so proud of her!) and if she says it’s good, who am I to argue with that right? So I decided to give it a go.

Oil pulling involves placing a tablespoon of coconut oil, sesame or olive oil  into your mouth and then swishing it around for up to 20 minutes, minimum 10 minutes (pulling it between your teeth), before spitting it out. But since I had coconut oil at home and I know it helps whiten your teeth, I decided to go with coconut oil. For best results do it in the morning before you eat anything. I remember when I first came to London I met a guy who seemed to think my teeth were white and said “give it few more years and they’ll be yellow”. HAH! mate, if you’re reading this the joke is on you.

Initially I had few reservations and my concerns were, how will I manage 20 minutes (especially when I have a busy morning before going to work), what about excess saliva, what if it’s oily… etc. But it all turned out to be no problem at all, and it didn’t feel greasy either; and you have a lovely “Bounty-like” taste the whole time. (I don’t even like Bounty, but I still managed to do it). So, for the bounty lovers this is going to be an easy ride.

coconut oilpic

I do it while I’m preparing my lunch for the day and ironing my shirt for work (A queen of multi-tasking right! I know!). One thing though, the oil will double in size which is a sign that it’s pulling out all the toxins; so don’t be put off by that.

Now – I have been doing this for longer than a month and I noticed my teeth were getting whiter after a week, and the overall health of my mouth improved a lot. My teeth are generally healthy and fairly white, but oil pulling made it even whiter.

If I were you, I would get on it right away! if it wasn’t good I wouldn’t endorse it.

Note: people always have commented on my teeth and I’m happy to share my secret: Change your toothpaste! Just like you change your shampoo for your hair. common sense!


  • First choose your oil, and then swish it around for 20min for best results- if not 10min will do.
  • Be gentle- no need to be aggressive. Remember you are doing it for 20 minutes and you don’t want to get stiff jaws.
  • Do not swallow it! As you’ll be taking all the bacteria and toxins into your body (after all, we are trying to get rid of them).
  • After you finish swishing don’t spit the oil out on your sink as it will block your pipes- spit it out in any empty jar that you’re not going to use or even your bin
  • Then, wash your mouth with salt and warm water
  • Don’t forget to brush your teeth after. Oil pulling is not a replacement for brushing your teeth.
  • Use a different tooth brush for it and rinse your brush with hot water after you finish

My experiences

  • Noticed my teeth became whiter and cleaner than they normally are.
  • My gums used to bleed sometimes and this has stopped completely after day 12. Not even a tear of blood which means the gums are a lot healthier now.
  • My teeth were sensitive and oil pulling helped reduce this. I actually started eating oranges now. Happy days!
  • It became easier for my teeth to be clean when bushing and there are no dental plagues anymore building up.
  • However, on my first day of doing it, I got a headache but that stopped the next day.
  • Funny enough, it also helps with a hangover. Amazables! I haven’t had a hangover in a long time. How about that!!!

quote of the day- “The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn but to unlearn”- Gloria Steinem